Ebonee K Scott

Mostly vegan. Full-time music enthusiast , professional wrestling fan and CrossFitter since April 6, 2013. Nutrition student at Arizona State University.

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If you wanna compliment me on something… Pick my ass over my boobs.

I didn’t work for my boobs, nor did I pay for them. Yay genetics.

But I did work for my ass, squats, dead lifts, lunges and regularly getting my ass kick at crossfit has given me my ass.

Just something to keep in mind.

Tire flipping after doing Nancy yesterday!

For me, my game is, I don’t really have any game. My game in real life is being nice and getting shut down hard - Ben Schwartz [x]

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Post WOD sled pulls, worked our way up to 135lbs on the sled.

It feels great - John O'Callaghan. (x)
It feels great - John O'Callaghan. (x)

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